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  • Growth & Expansion
  • Company Divisions
  • Net Sales
Net Sales by Geographical Segments

Increase in Clients


Only companies that continuously develop their productivity and seek new innovative ways to operate can succeed in the face of ever stiffer competition. Being average will not do. Instead, we must be competitive with the world’s best organisations. We want the IWCn name and brand to relate to quality and excellence.
Growth and Expansion (2009-10)

In 2010, we have enlarged our geographical and technical limits by escalating our sections and departments in different parts of the Globe in comparison to the year 2009. In these two years, we have joined with several Business groups of Australia, India, and USA and so on to provide Innovative Technologies to our precious Customers.


Over the past years, we have built partnerships far and wide in all our operations. Managing these alliances has indeed become one of IWCn’s areas of expertise. Our key competitive edge is to be found within the company, in our ways of working.

Our strong holds are IWCn’s inbuilt, well-considered and insightful processes, which are hard for competitors to copy. Along with this, our management is dedicated to creating a good working atmosphere and encouraging an innovative spirit in everything we do.

Fostering innovation is vital for IWCn's success, and that is why it is an integral part of the way we work each day at IWCn.




IWCn Divisions & their Areas


•Enterprise Resource Planning

•Mail Management

•Networking Communication

•Facility and Management

•Payment Gateway Portal

•Customized Enterprise Software


•Website Design & Development

•E-commerce Shopping Portal

•Open Source Technologies

•Web & Mobile Applications

•Website Maintenance

•Database Building and Execution

•Web-enabling Legacy Applications

•Content Management Systems


•Shared Web Hosting

•Reseller Web Hosting

•Virtual Dedicated Server

•Dedicated Hosting

•Managed Hosting

•Cloud Hosting


•Scheming Worldwide Policies

•Dealings with Partners

•Global Associations

•Technical Affairs

•Crafting Projects


•New Products


•Company’s Advertising

•Global Marketing


•Corporate Jingles

•Logo Music

•Advertising Music

•Company Identity Jingles

Net Sales
Net Sales (2009-10)

USA ——————— 35 %

UK ———————— 29 %

Canada ——————14 %

Australia ————— 12 %

Ukraine ——————10 %

Software ———— 39 %

Web Services —— 35 %

Hosting —————10 %

Designing ———— 10 %

Music & Jingles —— 6 %

Within Our Scope

Beyond Our Scope

We want to understand, anticipate and meet our customers' present and future needs. This presupposes that all of us closely co-operate and exceed the limits of normal work communities in order to bring our expertise to our customers.



We want to act so that we can trust each other and
respect each other’s work, thus creating a firm basis
for co-operation. Trust springs from keeping promise ,and respect from understanding the importance of one another’s contribution to the whole process.

We want to be the best in our field, developing products, services and solutions that promote Technology Advancement. This challenges each of us as an individual and all of us together to strive for the best in all that we do.

We want to create and develop innovative solutions and ways of working. This challenges each of us to explore new possibilities in our daily work, in co-operation with professionals from various fields and to bring our own expertise into our joint projects.

Company Statistics
"Our values express how we can and want to commit ourselves to the things we do."