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We (IWCn) and our clients find ourselves in an unprecedented time. As an author once said “may you live in interesting times”. We guess that many of our clients are feeling that this environment is all one could ask for when it comes to “interesting”.

On every front (world economic recession, government interjection into business, the public’s outrage over compensation levels, the failure of our regulators, union activism, etc.) we face these “interesting” times at a level that may have few historical comparisons.

It may be that what many of us have said for years is finally becoming clear, nearly everything is related. Today’s macro environment consists of the following:

Not only will the government probably pass some of the most far reaching (some would argue overreaching) changes to the American industry regulatory system but the government will also attempt to once again interject itself into the compensation world with a renewed vigor and with the backing of a population of angry voters.

The public is rightly angry and upset with the financial system and the behaviour of many of the financial institutions that have needed taxpayer assistance only to turnaround and limit loans to business.

Business has contracted and the effect has been felt in every city and state in the country.

IWCn’s own micro environment is also in turmoil. At our roots we are a Technology Company that has been traditionally retained to work with the Board of Directors and or management in an effort to make their organizations more effective. Our competitors are still in a state of denial when it comes to the conflicts of interest that come about when the financial interests of consulting firms overshadow other more important stakeholder interests.

We project that this environment will become ever more turbulent in the future. What will never happen at IWCn is the direction of all of our efforts in any way other than toward the success of our clients in an un-conflicted manner. Our strategy is to:

Develop and selectively grow our leading market positions;

Further develop our manufacturing and service footprint to deliver superior solutions to our customers; and

Focus on performance through business excellence programmes and sound asset management.


our mission is to help people and businesses around the world realize their full potential. Since the founding of our company, we have felt an intense responsibility to change things for the better. We focus on increasing access to technology to help people improve their lives. We work closely with governments, community organizations, and other businesses to support efforts to transform those communities through
the passion and expertise of our local employees as well as the financial and software
resources of the company.


In today’s economic environment, it’s important that businesses, governments, community organizations, and individuals work together to provide the training, infrastructure, and technology that enable expanded opportunities and sustainable economic growth and prosperity. With the support of our employees, and working with our partners around the world, we  believe that IWCn will continue to make positive and lasting contributions to society.

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