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Each of IWCn’ Department is responsible for integrating sustainability issues into day-to-day operations, project development and decision making. They are held accountable through an annual goal-setting process and report progress to the appropriate committees of the board of directors. Members of senior management have final responsibility for developing corporate strategy, reporting company performance and assisting the businesses.


innovation is at the heart of IWCn Inc. business growth strategy. Our relentless focus to be better helps us create the world's most innovative products for consumers across the globe. This same philosophy and determination is driving change in how we approach corporate responsibility in today's marketplace.


Years ago, when we started working to improve the labour, environmental and social impacts of our business model, we were largely driven by a need to manage risk. Today, our corporate responsibility approach has evolved from focusing on risk management, philanthropy and compliance to one that utilizes our natural focus on innovation to transition IWCn Inc. into a business that is more sustainable, by which we mean that it brings people, planet and profits into balance for lasting success.


To be the leading athletic brand in the world - today and into the future - we have to deliver innovative new products and experiences in a more sustainable way. For IWCn Inc., this is not about trading one business challenge for another. It's about recognizing that sustainability is a route to future profitability. As we look ahead, we know that consumers across the world are creating new markets and demanding new services that require us to focus on getting close to market, to create new, digital solutions and to customize products for consumers more quickly than ever before.


To fulfill these demands, we must succeed in a world where natural and human resources are constrained. In the future, issues ranging from peaking oil prices, climate change mitigation and population growth to the decreasing availability of natural resources could impact our consumers and our business. As the world moves to a low-carbon economy, we see potential impact to labor forces, working conditions, communities, development, youth, sport, supply chains, products and more.

We believe that the businesses that consider these challenges early, even anticipating them as part of their day-to-day operations, will be best positioned to turn them into opportunity.

We have a choice. We can move fast, now, to prepare to thrive and seize the opportunities of a future sustainable economy. Or we can wait. Waiting means we risk facing a forced requirement to shift on someone else's timeline. For us, the choice is clear. We are always on the offence. That's why we are refocusing our efforts, increasing our investments in innovation, using our voice for stronger advocacy and looking at how we incubate new, scalable business models that enable us to thrive in a sustainable economy.


Flexibility also means that our strategy evolves together with the changing business environment. We, as a company, attach great value to keeping an open-minded view of the world. Whilst sustainable growth and efficiency will remain key pillars of our strategy, we will be adding new elements through a constant dialog with our stakeholders.


Safety and efficiency have always been at the heart of what we do. We aim to ensure compliance of our operating practices with most rigorous health and safety standards across our divisions. IWCN delivers on its safety commitment by continuous review of its operating practices and assessment of associated risks. To mitigate operating risks and to prevent accidents we create safe working environments by improving processes, investing in employee education and enforcing discipline.



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