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Passionate client focus, wide-ranging software expertise and a broad geographical spread have enabled IWCn to grow continuously, building a basis of highly satisfied clients who have benefited from our full range of technology development services.

IWCn invests an annual average of about 15% of its Software’s net sales in research and technology development, a work field of about 150 people. IWCn has set a challenging goal for itself: to be the best IT Organisation in the World. Characteristic of such an Organisation is leadership which encourages innovation as well as the search for and application of all available intelligence, an organisational structure optimised to implement the strategy, and a strategy resulting in a balanced product portfolio and enabling the application of new technologies.

IWCn creates value  through its commitment to delivering high quality on time within budget and with
personalised services through a proficient combination of capabilities and resources.

During the recent years we have conducted a number of technological studies in:


• API & Web Services Design               • Engagement & Communication


• Web–standards Compliant                 • Requirements Gathering


• PHP, Java, .Net, Ruby on Rails          • Identification of Goals


• Rich-Web, Flex/Flash, AJAX               • Project Definition & Plan


• JavaScript, CSS, XHTML                     • Product Roadmap


• Mysql, SQL & XML                               • Milestone Definition








• Our people are our most valuable asset. They are critical to achieving our mission and inspire our citizenship efforts.


• Over 130 Employees in 2 Development Centers.



• Independent QA and Testing, Web and GUI Design and Application Security Consulting.



• We've best Electronic Communication, Workflow Automation, Supply Chain Management , Knowledge Management and Digital Media Distribution.



• Our management is dedicated to creating a good working atmosphere and encouraging an innovative spirit in everything we do.



• IWCn has served over 83 countries in last two years. The company has own sales organisations in 2 countries.


"IWCn aims to maximise the outputs of Human Technology Development (HTD)."