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Our Strength lies in the Uniqueness and Quality that we provide to our clients. In other words our QUALITY is UNIQUENESS. We are just a bunch of developers and designers but what we handle and create is far better than 100’s competing us. The vast knowledge base that we have helps us to remain ahead of our nearest competitor. Working on every platform and maintaining the QUALITY is not everybody’s cup of tea, we believe in our capabilities and this is what that has kept us alive in this race to growth.



We specialize in creating turn-key solutions using a unique combination of resources and highly trained technical teams. Overlaying our three main blocks of strategy, user experience and technology is our knowledge and experience in specialist practice areas.



IWCn designs and implement custom software and web solutions that operate securely and effectively over the Internet while reducing time to implement and delivering in the least possible time. Our talented and dedicated team combines their passion for technical excellence and time-tested design principles to make smart things happen. This ensures a predictable and successful outcome of any project.

Every developer and designer who is currently working in our team is hand picked by us keeping in mind that they should possess that X-factor which will allow us to maintain the reputation that we have created in this industry.



Our development team has this expertise to address complex compatibility issues including obsolete technologies, back-end, and middleware integration. All the sites that we have designed and developed, has attractive and efficient front-end solutions. We always strive to create elegant, user-friendly interfaces to complex back-end solutions in order to provide users with a great web experience.

We specialize in ecommerce system development. Our e-commerce solutions have open, scalable architectures, which allow our clients maximum flexibility to evolve their e-business systems with minimal technology constraints.


Our Strengths