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The World Wide Web has revolutionized business communications and commercial practice all over the globe. But alongside the many benefits  and opportunities it offers, the web also represents a potentially serious source of risk that could damage your organization, your operations and your performance.


An increasingly targeted and sophisticated array of malicious software threats are using the web to gain access to corporate networks, with the aim of disrupting business communications or stealing intellectual property and other sensitive commercial information. Moreover, ensuring your employees use the Internet safely, productively and without endangering your organization fundamentally depends on their access to the web being controlled effectively and efficiently.


IWCn Web Security Services  delivers a cost-effective solution to all your web security requirements. This fully managed service provides your network with non-stop protection from infection, continually monitors and controls employees’ internet usage, and ensures that your business continuity is not compromised.

Crucially, IWCn Web Security Services operates at the Internet level, intercepting viruses, spyware and other web-borne threats before they get anywhere near your network. IWCn Web Security Services is based on the IWCn platform running.IWCn own proprietary technology, whereas the first version of the service was based largely on partner technology.


We provide a range of security services from network security, web security, mail security to security consulting services.


List of our services:


Network Security

Defends your network against a wide variety of Internet threats, including denial of service attacks, port scans, worms, trojans, botnets and application exploits. Also provides secure remote access for mobile workers via IPsec or SSL based.

Mail Security

Filters all your email traffic in order to keep spam, viruses, phishing and other malicious mails out of your network. Furthermore, prevents unauthorized interception of email through transparent Email Encryption without requiring any client software installation.

Web Security

Controls employee web access and use of IM/P2P application for maximum productivity and minimal legal risks. Filters all web and FTP traffic in order to keep viruses, spyware and active content from entering your network.

Security Consulting

Ever wondered whether your network is secure against hackers? Well we can tell you that for sure, from our knowledge , we can put ourselves in there shoes and test your network the way the hackers do.


We have specialized team of professionals to secure your Web Content against hacking.Through our experienced security professionals and state-of-the-art security solutions and infrastructure,IWCn Security Services  delivers extensive protection, real economies of scale and cost-efficiency.

Security Services
"We Provide World-calss Security Services to our Valuable customers "