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We feel proud ourselves on building user-friendly interfaces, while accomplishing the most complex tasks with just a few clicks of a mouse. As system analysts, we'll work with you to build the right system to meet your specific needs.

From begining to end , we'll help you in every step of the way. We've developed systems for payroll, information management and numerous others, all designed to meet the specific needs of each individual business.

If you've a specific need not being met on your PC or network, let us help you utilize your system to its fullest capabilities.


It has been our experience that we have prepared customized software in the above-mentioned field. All the business houses have different perception, opportunities and requirements. We used to do the detailed project starting from the conceptual stage to implementation, observation and up-gradation.


We have well qualified and experienced manpower for the different development projects. We have more than four years of experience in doing the same. By keeping up with the cutting edge in technology, we are able to build the most sophisticated systems and build them faster than ever before!


We don't just stop at the implementation of the system, we offer all users a complete training and on-going support.


We offer the same quality and support to our clients who already have a system and want to add-on to it or want to expand the whole system's capabilities. We develop custom add-ons for almost any application--including custom reports, custom interfaces, database extensions, or any other application add-on your company may need.



Software is not useful until it fulfills the end requirements. Customization thus is empirical aspect of today’s business world. Customization helps the client to achieve what is required. Client being the end user knows what is actually required. A precise communication with client is essential for customization of software. 

IWCn has designed a policy that includes the whole project development life cycle. The methodology is a self made one. The methodology has been developed after a careful consideration of all the phases software goes through. We understand the client’s requirements, use of the system and technical ability of the user. This reduces implementation time & gets the system running with minimal training. 

IWCn team has skills and experience to develop ISO standard customized software. We have developed customized applications for various industries namely manufacturing, healthcare, financial institution, travel and tourism etc. our experts have experience across technologies Microsoft .net, Delphi, SQL server etc. we have always turned out quality projects on time and our list consists of some of the respected names internationally. 

Enterprise Customized Software
"We always ready to take challenges in giving customized solutions  ."